I recorded all of my calls with a client, and took him from nothing to $10k/day in sales. Watch me do it!

Watch the case study on how we took this client from nothing to $10k/day in Q4 of 2020!

See the exact strategy I used to scale this store to $2.1 million dollars in sales in 6 months (3 part case study)

See exactly how we took this client to $160,000 using our proven methods

See how I take this store to $20k/day in 20 days using our CBO scaling method

See how I got this client to $100k/month in 4 months by finding a winner & reinvesting profits

How we did $500k in 5 months using Shopify & dropshipping

How we spent $1700 and made back $9000 with Facebook Ads and Shopify

See the exact strategy I used to scale this store to $2.1 million dollars in sales in 6 months (3 part case study)

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I always wanted to start my own business, earn more money, to work whenever and wherever I want

"My story : French, 24, young engineer fresh out of college, 

At the time I was binge watching videos on youtube about facebook ads, how to find a winning product, how to scale my campaigns...
I already had a small background in entrepreneurship, with no success.

I quit my job after 4 months, to launch my store and facebook ads. 
I found Noah's youtube channel and I made my 1st $1000 in a few weeks by following his strategy.

I was also following some complete bullshit advice from so-called "gurus" on youtube (you know who I'm talking about).
And soon, I couldn't make sales anymore, or at most sales weren't consistent.
I tested 12 products on my store but I couldn't be profitable. 
I was losing A LOT of money and this got my pissed.
This is because I didn't have a true mentor.

I knew Noah was offering paid coaching, but I was hesistant.
Anyway I decided to jump in and I invested $250 to take Noah as a mentor.
I called him maybe 15 mins and he gave me 2 or 3 valuable advice on how to run my adsets properly and what kind of products I should be looking for
And something magical happened... I was already profitable on the 1st week!
The 1st product I tested with his advice turned to be a winner. And sales were finally consistent, each and every day.

Listen guys, a good mentor is the key!
Noah really knows what he's talking about. And I'm not talking about facebook ads strategies only. I'm talking about the right mindset you need to adopt, patience etc...

Now I'm excited to scale my business and see how far it will go."

Richard, Croatian, 21, College Student

I started dropshipping how you probably did - youtube videos, instagram influencers, low margin products etc…

When I switched from Instagram shoutouts to FB ads, It took about 20 product tests before I finally found a winning product, and I still didn’t know what the f**k I was doing or how to scale it.

I was then extremely fortunate enough to stumble upon Noah’s youtube channel. 

Through his videos I learned his FB strategy and followed it EXACTLY as he laid it out. No deviations, I just did everything he said. I did this for 2 months with the winner I previously found and through this strategy I scaled the store to 6 Figures. 

When I sent Noah a screenshot of my results through FB messenger he offered me a spot on the inner circle and I signed up with absolutely zero hesitation. To this day i’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to join. 

Through his 1 on 1 guidance I was able to find 3 winning products (and still counting), most of them high margin, and I’m now currently doing $2k+ per day in sales consistently with them. The few hundred dollars I paid to join the group is nothing compared to the results we’ve achieved. 

If you join, follow and do EVERYTHING Noah says, exactly as he says it, I swear to you your success is almost guaranteed. 

Morgan, Hong Kong Drop Shipper

Noah is a Facebook Ad monster. He made me my money back in just a week working with me. If you are still worried about that 500 bucks, you will be far away behind from other entrepreneurs.


I came to Noah in November 2018 for help with product testing and ads. After he showed me the process, I was able to find a winner in less than 2 weeks. I only did coaching for 2 weeks back then, but he taught me enough to where I could continue advertising the product. Fast forward to January 2019, I came back to Noah for help scaling. I was doing around $300 a day, some days were higher and some were lower. After coaching with Noah twice a week since then, we have taken the product to $600-1000 a day in a short period of time. As of today, we are still scaling the product, and i have opened a 2nd store to begin testing new winners. The amount of value Noah has given me is far better than any YouTube video or course out there. I hope to keep killing it all year, Thank you Noah for everything!
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